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Subject:Annunciation Parish and School History Web Pages
Date:Sat, 08 Jan 2005 20:15:26 -0500
From:Aileen Sweeney 

Dear Father Barratt and Jim,

In 1999, I asked permission from Father Benintende to publish web pages
using material from the parish. Father Joe agreed to let me do this and
I have maintained these pages as a subset of the Ilion High School Alumni
website. Please feel free to link to them from the Annunciation Parish
official site, or copy them to your site. Most of the material on the
web pages was copied reproduced from the Parish Booklet - Annunciation
Parish 1868 - 1968. To my regret, I never had decent images of the most recent
pastors and assistant clergy to include on the site. My list of pastors
only goes up to the retirement of Father Mulhall.

The main page to the subsite is:


It has been a pleasure for me to maintain these pages.
I was once contacted, via email, by the granddaughter of Mrs. Roach.
Mrs Roach was for many years, the fifth grade teacher at Annunciation
School. I was very pleased to hear how much her granddaughter enjoyed visiting
the site.

I have fond memories of Annunciation School myself, having attended
from kindergarten through third grade. My three older sisters and brother
all graduated from Annunciation. In fact, eight of the nine Carney
children attended Annunciation at one time or another. My own children, Erin and
Sean Sweeney are currently enrolled in the religious education program.

Best Regards,
Aileen Carney Sweeney

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