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IHS 1926 Alumnus - Carleta Sterling Mixer-Cox Bequest to Ilion Public Library

December 20, 2021

By Aileen Carney Sweeney

December 2021 - Ilion 1926 Carleta Sterling Mixer-Cox


Carleta Sterling Mixer-Cox was an Ilion, NY native born in January 1909. She was the daughter of the late Fred Bredstreet Sterling and the late Daisy Fletcher. A 1926 graduate of Ilion High School, Carleta participated in many activities including the Glee Club and Dramatics. After graduation, she attended business school and was involved in many educational and civic organizations such as the D.A.R. of Frankfort, Daughters of the Founders of Patriots of America, the Eastern Star Chapter 82, the Girl Scouts and the Presbyterian Church. Following her marriage to Murray Mixer, the couple moved to Lynchburg, VA in 1959 where she would live the rest of her life. Her husband Murray died in 1971, but she would later marry Gideon Cox and the two would remain together until his passing in 1996. Carleta continued to be active within the community by taking classes, teaching children craft making, working for the church, and was a member of various organizations. Carleta always found time for leisure when she would relax at home weaving blankets, scarves, and other items. In later years she enjoyed spending time with her little dog, Mini-Cox.

On November 18, 2005, Carleta Sterling Mixer-Cox died at the age of 95. Her remains were brought back to her native Ilion where she was buried in the family plot in Armory Hill Cemetery. In her last will and testament, Carleta had nearly a $1 million bequest for the Ilion Free Public Library to be used for programming, improvements, and other benefits for patrons. As a result of this bequest, the director and staff of the Ilion Free Public Library held a reception on November 13, 2008 to posthumously honor Carleta Sterling Mixer-Cox for her generosity.

December 2021 - Ilion Public Library - IHS 1926 Carleta Sterling Mixer-Cox Plaque
Plaque in the vestibule of the Ilion Free Public Library


According to a letter dated March 8, 2006 from the attorney who was the administrator of her estate, Carleta Cox bequeathed $850,000 to the Ilion Library. In another letter dated May 3, 2007, the attorney stated that the library was to be given half of the proceeds from the sale of her house, which amounted to $61,530.49. The total bequest is about $911,530.49. Her will also had a provision for the First Presbyterian Church in Ilion, which was bequeathed about the same amount from her estate.

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