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Site Map for - This contains links that appear on the home page.

Search Tips describes the defaults the search engine uses as well as several other ways to modify the default search behavior.

Advanced Search allows you to enter search keywords and includes options to search by: all of these words, this exact phrase, any of these words, word stemming, accent sensitive, case sensitive.

Site index for - This contains an alphabetical index of every word, including classmates first and last names that appears on the alumni site. Each letter of the alphabet starts on a new page and can span multiple pages depending on how many words begin with that letter. There are 26 letters linked at the top of the page so which enables you to jump to a specific letter of the alphabet. This a great way to search for specific names on the site. For example, you can find every page that contains an alumnus named 'Barbie' by clicking on the 'b' link at the top of the page. From there, look for the word 'Barbie' and click on its link to see the results.

This powerful search feature provides you the means to search by keywords to find pages within the web site. The site is re-indexed weekly. After you enter your search term and submit the form, you are taken to your search results page. That page is hosted on the freefind web site. It contains additional links to the index, site map, search tips and advanced search tips. Those features can be reached directly using the links listed above. The links will open in a new browser window so that you can remain on the alumni site while you also view the search function pages. The freefind search engine contains advertisements because it is hosted for free.

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