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1990 Senior Class History

As reported in "The Mirror of 1990"


June 1987 - The new Freshmen class of Ilion Central High got their first glimpse of high school life in September as they officially entered the high school. These students were quite excited about the new freedoms and opportunities presented to them. In the class elections they chose president, Mike Dauback; vice president, Gideon Tulloch; secretary, Jeannine Trimboli; and treasurer, Denny Mowers.

At the beginning of October, the class began the long and arduous task of putting together a float for Homecoming Weekend '86. The theme for the float was "Shhh, It's Twojan Season!" Although the young class made an admirable try, their float did not do well in the competition. Their poster for the annual contest, a picture of Bugs Bunny with the slogan "Freshmen Are Tops!", also failed to place.

Although they had thus far been unable to place in class competitions, they were excited about the opportunity to try again in the poster contest for Winter Weekend '87. For Winter Weekend, the freshmen came up with the idea, "Slide Into Winter Weekend!", with a picture of Snoopy sliding in a dog bowl down a snow covered hill. Kathy Stockton and Tim Murphy were chosen as attendants for the Winter Weekend dance.

In May, a few lucky classmates got their first glimpse of a major high school function, the Junior Prom. Nicki Bernard, Walter March, Katie Baker, Denny Mowers, Sheila Willsey, Scott Brownrigg, Krissy Shaut, Gideon Tulloch, Julie Rivers, Jason Allbright, Pat Donahue, Tricia Taylor, Brian Vogel, Diana VonBallmoos, Dave Nencetti and Jeannine Trimboli all served at the '87 Prom.

As the year ended with final exams, students were looking forward to the long summer recess.

June 1988 - In September, the class of 1990 entered their Sophomore year of high school at Ilion. They were thoroughly experienced in the ways of high school life and were ready for the obstacles of their second year at IHS.

They elected four young ladies to fill the positions of class officers. They were president, Jennifer Crossway; vice president, Chrissy Urtz; secretary, Julie Welch; and treasurer, Sheila Willsey.

In early October, the task of creating a winning float came upon the class. For the float, they came up with the idea of having Alf in a space craft with the saying, "No Problem! Bombers Will Invade the Knights!". The class fared better in the competition but still didn't capture the top spot. The class also had to prepare a poster for the annual Homecoming poster contest. The poster was a picture of a smurf in a rocket ship along with the saying, "Bombers Blast Into A Victory!"

For Winter Weekend the class had to create another poster. For this occasion they came up with the idea of having a rabbit sliding across the ice along with the saying, "Bunnies Are On Thin Ice." Herkimer was the opponent for that weekend. Attendants for the Winter Weekend dance were Kristi Phelps and David Nencetti.

As June came to a close and finals were over, this class went on a well deserved vacation.

June 1989 - In September, the class of 1990 entered their third year at Ilion High School. They were well prepared to tackle their most difficult academic year. This was their Junior year, and they realized they had little time to enjoy the freedoms of high scbool life.

To handle the responsibilities of class leadership, they elected president, Julie Rivers; vice president, Heather Houck; secretary, Jeannine Trimboli; and treasurer, Julie Welch.

When Homecoming Weekend arrived in early November, the class knew they finally had a winning float. All their hard work and determination paid off in a beautiful float of a sailboat with tie-dyed sails and the saying, "Bombers Sail Into A Sunny Victory!". The class was very proud of the first place finish. In the poster contest they didn't do as well. The poster, a picture of a Frankfort Warrior football player bowing down to an Ilion football player, only received third place.

The major event of the year for the class was the Junior Prom. Everyone was excited about the elegant affair and spent months preparing for it. As people arrived and saw the beautifully decorated gym, they were swept away. Julie Rivers and Brian Vogel were chosen as queen and king. Their court consisted of Kathy VanEvera and Marco VonBallmoos, Debbie Crim and Jeff Klein, Heather Houck and Jay Napoli, and Jodi Brien and Matt Cowen.

When June arrived and the class finished their challenging final exams, they were excited and enthusiastic about becoming the Senior class of 1990.

June 1990 - In September, the current seniors at Ilion Central School entered their final year of high school. The students were enthusiastic about all the possibilities that lay before them. To lead the experienced group through their last year they elected president, Julie Welch; vice president, Julie Rivers; secretary Kathy VanEvera; and treasurer Chrissy Urtz.

Throughout the academic year at Ilion, there were many interesting episodes. Bomb scare day will be something long remembered as all of the students and teachers gathered on the football field bleachers as the school was searched for a hidden bomb. Chart Your Own Course Day, with its theme, "Appreciation of the Arts", was a success as students experienced various art forms.

While the class of 1990 knew how to have fun, they also knew how to hit the books. There were eleven students whose cumulative average was over 90. They were, in order of rank, Paul Hall, Jodi Karla, Walter March, Brian Williams, Marco VonBallmoos, Heather Houck, Julie Welch, Jamie Elmer, Heather Brown, Kathy VanEvera, and Trudy Boulia. Eighteen Regents scholarships were awarded to the seniors of Ilion High. Paul Hall and Marco VonBallmoos also received Empire State Scholarships of Excellence. In addition to his other achievements, Marco VonBallmoos also was a finalist in the tough competition for National Merit Scholarships.

The class of 1990 at Ilion High School was successful in and out of the classroom and on and off the field. They will undoubtedly carry this success into all future endeavors.


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