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Ilion Alma Mater

Down among the peaceful valley,
None has such renown,
As our glorious Ilion High School,
And the Gold and Brown.

Lift her banner, raise it higher,
Loud her praises sing,
'Till echoing from each hill and valley
Back the answers ring.

Still we shout her praises higher,
Sing them loud and strong,
Still we strive to win her glory
All to her renown.

Ilion High School Coat of Arms

The School's Coat of Arms was created by Gary Conover and Dan McGrath IHS Class of 1964. The drawing, by Dan McGrath, is intended to depict Eliphalet Remington. The laurel is for scholarship, and the winged foot represents athletics. Dan (and Gary) both lettered in track. (Information provided by Gary Conover and Thomas Morris, Class of 1964)

Lyrics by Edna Brand McGowan, Class of 1905. Edna's words, set to the tune of Cornell's "Far Above Cayuga's Waters", were selected as the winning entry in a contest held to determine the lyrics. (Information provided by Edna's grandson, Richard Parkinson, Class of 1966 and also verified by the Ilion Citizen June 25, 1908 newspaper edition.)

Alma Mater Sheet Music

You can play the Alma Mater using the Annie Lisle Tune Sheet Music which is available in the public domain. (June 28, 2013)

Alma Mater - Listen on YouTube...

You can listen to a lovely, YouTube video , fingerstyle guitar rendition of the Alma Mater (June 28, 2013)

Syracuse University - "Song of Syracuse"

The lyrics to Syracuse Univerity's Alma Mater were written by Junis W. Stevens 1895 to the tune of 'Annie Lisle'. The SU Alma Mater was first performed on March 15, 1893 by the University Glee and Banjo Club.

Where the vale of Onondaga
Meets the eastern sky
Proudly stands our Alma Mater
On her hilltop high.
Flag we Love! Orange! Float for aye---
Old Syracuse, o'er thee,
Loyal be thy sons and daughters
To thy memory

Cornell University - "Far Above Cayuga's Waters"

The lyrics to Cornell's Alma Mater were written by Archibald C. Weeks '72 and his roommate, Wilmot M. Smith '74 to the tune of 'Annie Lisle,' a ballad of the period recounting the gradual decline and death of the tuberculous heroine. ('Wave, willows; murmur, waters; Golden sunbeams, smile; Earthly music cannot waken Lovely Annie Lisle.') The Cornell Alma Mater consists of six verses bu is usually shortened to only the first two verses. The Alma Mater is played by the Big Red Band at all Cornell football games. Cornell insists it is the first school to use the tune. The Alma Mater is played at the noon concert on the chimes.

University of Missouri-Columbia

The Alma mater, "Old Missouri", it is believed was written on April 16, 1895. It was composed in one night by Dr. G.A. Wauchope, a Professor of English. He wrote it in a house on Conley Avenue near what is now Allen Auditorium. Old Missouri is set to the tune 'Annie Lisle' and is to be sung at all sporting events and gatherings. Students and Alumni stand while the song is played.


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