Ilion School Superintendent

Gary Tutty

1997 - 2004
Ilion Superintendent - Mr. Gary Tutty

In a unanimous vote, the Ilion Board of Education chose Gary Tutty, of Ilion, for the position of Superintendent. Mr. Tutty replaced Mr. Joseph Fusco, who retired in June 1997, after nineteen years as Superintendent. An Ilion native, Mr. Tutty also had been an administrator in the Whitesboro and Frankfort-Schuyler school districts. At the time of his appointment, Gary Tutty lived in Ilion with his wife, Pamela and their three children. In September 1997, Mr. Tutty issued an introductory letter to the district residents. Volume 21 Issue 1, of the "Gold 'N Brown" contained Superintendent, Gary Tutty's introductory letter, for the 1997-98 School Year.

Mr. Tutty's tenure began with a major building project that greatly expanded the facilities in the district. In response to changes in education, including universal pre-kindergarten and higher standards for math, science and technology, the Ilion School District is considering "an ambitious building project" in December 1998. The Ilion School District voters approved the Building Proposal by an overwhelming majority vote, in May 1999. The New York State Education Department approved the Ilion Central School District's $32 million building project in 2000. The district selected James Jordan of James Jordan Associates as the architectural firm for the projects. The majority of the work began in April 2001.

Additions and renovations were completed, by December 2002, at all three of the school buildings, Barringer Road Elementary, Remington Elementary and Ilion High School. The high school was expanded with a sixteen-classroom addition for Science and Math and a 900 seat gymnasium with an elevated track. Renovations areas included Art, Music and Technology, Media Center and Guidance and Career Center. The new addition also contained a 100 Seat Group Instruction/Meeting room, Wrestling Rooms and a Fitness Center. Lights were also added to the High School Track and Football fields. The Remington School renovations included the Media Center, two classroom additions, parking changes and a new Soccer/Field Hockey facility. The Barringer Road School renovations included the Media Center, four classroom additions, and parking changes. The Remington School renovations included the Media Center, two classroom additions, parking changes and a new Soccer/Field Hockey facility. The firm of James Jordan Associates was selected as the architects for the projects.



Starting October 12, 1999, the Ilion School district doubled the size of its preschool program. An additional preschool class in the morning and afternoon, for 26 to 29 children, was possible due to an $80,000 state grant.

In April 2003, Ilion School District Superintendent Gary Tutty accepted a position as Superintendent of the Putnam Valley School District. The Putnam Valley School District, located in Putnam County, is located about 35 miles north of New York City. The Putnam Valley District served roughly 1,800 students and was about the same size as the Ilion District. Mr. Tutty was Ilion's superintendent for six years.

In December 2007, Gary Tutty published memories of Christmas in Ilion on the Putnam Valley Central School District website. In the same article, he announced his upcoming retirement from the Putnam Valley Central School District.

Gary Tutty served as interim superintendent at Herkimer Central School District after the retirement of Carol Zygo. He led their district during the Ilion-Mohawk-Herkimer merger study process and until the end of 2012. Herkimer voters rejected the three-way merger with Ilion and Mohawk.


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