Ilion High School
Class Roster


Year Grad. Last Name     Last Name      First Name     Ini Sal. Street Number and Address           City                     ST Country Deceased  

1905 Arnold              Arnold         Clayton            Mr.                                                                  USA
1905 Bedworth            Bedworth       Hannah             Miss                                     New York                 NY USA
1905 Bennett             Bennett        M. Anna            Miss R.D.                                Tully                    NY USA
1905 Bergersrud          Gantt          Antoinette         Mrs. 157 John St.                        Ilion                    NY USA
1905 Brand               McGowan        Edna               Mrs. 17 Armory St.                       Ilion                    NY USA
1905 Bremer              Bremer         Homer          P.  Mr.                                      Frankfort                NY USA
1905 Carney              Carney         James          E.  Mr.  West River St.                      Ilion                    NY USA
1905 Giblin              Giblin         Richard            Mr.                                      Flint                    MI USA
1905 Jarvis              Jarvis         Charles            Mr.  37 W. Ganesvoort St.                Little Falls             NY USA
1905 Jochmus             Jochmus        Bessie         L.  Miss 89 John St.                         Ilion                    NY USA
1905 King                King           Leon           T.  Mr.                                      Ilion                    NY USA
1905 Mallory             Mallory        Edna               Miss                                                                         yes
1905 Marriott            Marriott       William        O.  Mr.  3343 Ainslee St.                    Chicago                  IL USA
1905 Maury               Maury          John               Mr.  35 Charles St.                      Ilion                    NY USA
1905 Moyer               Moyer          Arthur         C.  Mr.                                      Syracuse                 NY USA
1905 Parker              Parker         Alice          B.  Miss                                     San Bernardine           CA USA
1905 Powers              Powers         Leo                Mr.  41 Second Ave.                      Ilion                    NY USA
1905 Ringwood            Ringwood       Anna               Miss 405 W. 121st St.                    New York                 NY USA
1905 Robinson            Robinson       Etherl             Miss                                     Utica                    NY USA
1905 Swift               Hungerford     Lura           M.  Mrs.                                     Harmon                   NY USA
1905 Webster             Buell          Mae            D.  Mrs                                      Troy                     NY USA
1905 Worden              Worden         Rome           D.  Mr.  57 West St.                         Ilion                    NY USA

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