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Academic Honors


Valedictorians and Salutatorians

A complete list of students achieving this honor, since 1873, has been compiled. The list of Ilion Valedictorians and Salutatorians is complete.

Two honors have been awarded to members of the graduating class since the establishment of the academic department, those of valedictorian and salutatorian. At first, these were awarded by vote of the class. Later they were awarded by the faculty based on scholarship as determined from the records, the person having the highest general standing being made valedictorian and the one having the next highest standing being made salutatorian.

The Class of 1966 raised funds to create a special memorial for classmate and Class Valedictorian Dr. James Patrei. The trophies and recipient plaque were presented to the school during the 2002 Ilion Alumni-All Classes/Sesquicentennial Mega-Reunion. (Note - There were no graduates in 1875 and 1877.)


Honor Roll

Students must earn an 85 average for the marking period, (10 weeks) to be eligible for Honor Roll. For High Honor Roll, a 90 average or better is required. Grades are not rounded when computing the average for honor roll eligibility. All credit bearing courses with numerical grades are counted. Full one-credit courses (i.e. English, Social Studies) count twice as much as 1/2-credit courses (i.e. band, chorus, orchestra). The honor rolls are posted in the Junior-Senior high school and are published in the offical school newspaper.


Honor I

The Honor I is an academic award given to those students who have maintained an overall average of 90 or above during the previous academic school year. Students in grades 9-12 are eligible.


Senior National Honor Society

Sophomores and Juniors are eligible for selection to the Senior National Honor Society. Students must have maintained a 90% average from grades 9 through the first semester of the year selected. Selected Seniors must have maintained a 90% average from grades 9 through the first semester of the senior year. In order to be selected for induction, a student must also meet the precepts of the Honor Society: (1) character, (2) service, (3) leadership, (4) scholarship, and (5) citizenship.


National Junior Honor Society

Ilion's chapter of the National Junior Honor Society was formed in 1935. Since then, chapter members have promoted scholarship, a desire to render service, leadership, character and citizenship. Ilion's members have served the school by completing and distributing ten-week honor roll cards and certificates. An awards assembly, to honor all students who achieve high academic performance, is also presented by the Society. Throughout the year, members hold monthly meetings and sponsor a variety of activities.

All students in grade 7, 8, and 9, who have attended Ilion Junior-Senior High School for at least two marking periods and have a cumulative average of 88.0 or better, may be considered eligible for membership. Eligible students are asked to complete a form listing both school and non-school extracurricular activities. Teachers, who have contact with the candidates, complete a form presenting information concerning the five criteria for selection: (1) character, (2) service, (3) leadership, (4) scholarship, and (5) citizenship. A faculty council, consisting of five voting faculty members, appointed annually by the principal, select the members by a majority vote.


The last of the missing names of valedictorians and salutatorians was completed using on December 25, 2014.


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