Ilion High School - Class of 1931

Utica Daily Press - April 25, 1931

Faculty Selected for Ilion Schools

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The Ilion Sentinel - 1931 - Faculty Selected for Ilion Schools


Faculty Selected for Ilion Schools

Ilion, April 24 - Only four teachers on the present Ilion school faculty will not return next year. They are: Mrs. Elsie Simonsen, D. Ferne Estabrook, Mary K. Marshall and Walter Van Ornum. Arthur D. Bates and Joseph N. Roman have been hired to fill the positions made vacant by the resignations of Mrs. Simonsen and Miss Estabrook.

The members Of the faculty selected to date, according to Earl P. Watkin superintendent of schools is:

High School - J. Guy Prindle, principal; Joseph A. Baker, vice-principal and algebra; F. Fay Swift, supervisor of music; Veronca Donnelly, supervisor of drawing; Ralph W. Bemis. physical director: Rubye Horton Curry, physical education; Robert O. Barnum, geometry and trigonometry; Earl Planty, English 4; Arthur D. Bates, English 3; Bermice Hart, English 2; Mabel Briggs, English and dean of girls; Clare L. Wasmer, French and Latin; Mary I. Sullivan, French and Latin; Ruth E. Gordon, history; Bessie VanDerveer, history and civics; Anna C. Davies, physics and chemistry; Erva Hildebrandt, biology; M. Doris Dollar, general science; Antoinette Schobel, business arithmetic and algebra; Nora E. Kinney, shorthand; Genevieve Ruby, typewriting; Jeanette Harrison, bookkeeping; Lamont H. Burnham, manual training and mechanical drawing; Elwyn Swarthout, public speaking; Joseph N. Roman, music and instrumental teacher; Mary Fltzpatrick, drawing; Kathryn Hallenbeck, arithmetic: Barbara Schwartz, eighth history; Ruth Markley, eighth English; Elizabeth Harston, seventh English; Elisabeth Ward, seventh geography and history; Francis D. Bradley, manual training; Annan M. Egan, domestic science, Fannie Harter, first and second grades; Anna M. Egan, ungraded class; Doris Loughhead, third grade; Doris Stevens, kindergarten; Mildred Hayes, arithmetic.

West Hill School - Mary K. Hickok, principal; Gladys Foster, first grade; Florence Bedworth, first grade; Mary Buits, second grsde; Margaret Underwood, fourth grade; Sarah Costello, third grade; Luella Coon, third grade; Lucetta Rockwell, fourth grade; Marie Schwemmer, fifth grade; Gladys Briggs, fifth grade; Vera M. Riley, sixth grade; Marjorle Kent, sixth grade; Jane McNulty, ungraded class.

North Street School - Ethel M. Campbell, principal; Gladys Cone, first grade; Catharine Lois Rahm, first grade; Agnes Hayes, second grade; Winifred Knekett, third grade; Viva Spink, fourth grade; Lucy Westcott, fourth grade; Margaret Wasson, fifth grade; Dorothy Haggett, sixth grade; Ruth McDonald, fifth grade; Viola Fox Meehan, sixth grade; Mabel B. Reese, ungraded; Anna I. Owens, kindergarten; Leila B. Russell, school nurse; Gladys Haman, dental hygenist, Marion Moshier, Librarian.


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