Ilion High School - Class of 1931

Utica Observer Dispatch- June 23, 1931

91 Seniors Will Get Diplomas from Ilion

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The Utica Observer Dispatch - IHS Class of 1931 Commencement


91 Seniors Will Get Diplomas from Ilion

Capitol Theater To Be Scene of Commencement

The Rev. L. R. Benson, President of Board of Education, and Superintendent Waktin to Hand out 91 Diplomas Tonight – Miss Lydia Smith is Salutatorian

Ilion - Ninety-one Ilion High School pupils will receive their diplomas at commencement at the Capitol Theater at 8:15 tonight.

Presentation will be made by the Rev. L. R. Benson, president of the board of Education and Earl P. Watkin, school superintendent. Principal, J. G. Prindle will award the diplomas.

Miss Lydia Smith will give the salutatory address and John L. Brown, the valedictory. The Invocation and benediction will be by the Rev. Albert G. Ladd.

A pageant, "The Gateway," will be presented by the following seniors: Thomas Cook, Marjorie Shaver, Marion Ferris, Katherine Schmidt, Raymond Bedworth, Donald Porter, Dorothy Jenne, Dorothy Alexander, Martha Caswell, Evelyn Crandall, Maurice Raymond, Luella Tjeerdsma, Franklin Ball, Elizabeth O'Brien, Charles Butterworth, Bennett Wheelock, Alyson Cox, Catherine Bowers, Susanna Kovac, Samuel Kovac, Doris Buckley, Gertrude Dexter, Frances Hurley, Alice Hanning, Jean Fuller, Ione Luther, Leona Stickles.

The graduates will receive diplomas as follows, asterisks denoting members of the National Honor Society:

Richard Orville Comins
Clarence Whiter

Elinor Frances Ackler
Dorothy C. Alexander
Evelyn Donsida Barnes
Robert Randall Bogardus
Catherine Mary Bowers
Ruth Ann Brown
Nina J. Clayton
Marguerite I. Cole
Adeline Mae Davis
Elizabeth Thayer Fitzer
Dorothy M. Fitzgibbons
Clara Marion Getman
Lucille Ann Grainger
Miles Morgan Hammond
Dorothy F. Jenne
Chancey V. Joy
Helen F. Kenealy
Donald Jay Martin
Catherine Alice Mulvey
Monica M. Paro
W. Allan New
Adolphus William Raux
Maurice J. Raymond
Janet Ruth Roberts
Louise Rice Rivera
Doris Mae Robertson
Kasson A. Winsor
Robert W. Wood

General Oleta Cormia

Marion Armstrong
Philo B. Baker
Daniel J. Connors
Ronald W. Farrington
Roger A. Fortuna
Albert J. Meehan
Grace D. Roberts
Arthur H. Ross
Edward J. Sullivan

Malvin G. Applegate
Clarence Franklin Ball
Edwin Alexander Bennett Jr.
Lloyd George Benson
John Lackey Brown
Doris Casipbell Buckley
Charles L. Butterworth
Martha Louise Caswell
Thomas Marks Cook
Leonard F. Cowlin
Alyson Jane Cox
Evelyn Leona Crandall
Francis E. Crandall
Esther M. Crocker
Gertrude C. Dexter
Mary Elizabeth English
Marion L. Ferris
Jean F. Fuller
Harold V. James
Gladys Mildred Kegel
Samuel Kovac
Susanna E. Kovac
Ione Mae Luther
Elizabeth Ann O'Brien
Donald C. Porter
Edith W. Schmidt
Katherine Louise Schmidt,
Robert B. Schmidt,
Marjorie H. Shaver
Edith M. Sisson
Luella A. Tjeerdsma
Alice C. Treiber
Sidney Teal Wilson
Everett John Wolfert
Anson Frederick Zelie

Raymond H. Bedworth
Starr J. Cole Jr.
Martha Ellen Garlock
Alice Hanning
Clarence John James

Frances M. Hurley
Mary E. Leonard

Louis Bleau
Harold P. McGrath
William L. Mackin
Philip M. Mulvey
Norman M. Thomson
William Turner Thomson
Bennet R. Wheelock Jr.

The following students appear in the 1931 Mirror Senior section but are not listed in this newspaper article.
Daniel Bean
George Greer
Helen Myers
Leona Stickles

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