Ilion High School - Class of 1926

Utica Daily Press - January 22, 1958

Progress Of Home Is Reported

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The Utica Daily Press IHS Class of 1926


Progress Of Home Is Reported

Progress during 1957 and future plans were the principal topics of annual meetings and reports of three churches and the St John and St. Joseph Home.

Medical and dental services valued at more than $7,000 were donated to the St John and St Joseph Home during 1957 according to the annual report announced last night.

Sister Angela, superintendent received volunteer medical and dental staffs at a dinner served by the children of the home.

Dr. Harold Ross, president of the medical staff, reported on medical and surgical services, X-ray service and hospital care valued at $5,250. The value was placed at the minimum rate set for such services in the area by the Oneida County Department at Public Welfare.

Dr. Edward Heintz, president of the dental staff, reported services by the volunteer dentists and dental hygienists totaled $1,800, including several instances of specialized treatment.

The Rev. Daniel E. Lawler was moderator for the meeting.

The annual election by the dental staff resulted in the naming of Dr. Heintz to his fourth successive term.

Dr. Anthony Chanatry was elected president of the medical staff, replacing Dr. Ross, who had served three terms. The staff voted its appreciation of the services of Dr. Ross, who will continue as a member of the volunteer staff.

Dr. Francis Chanatry was elected secretary of the medical staff.

* Note - Dr. Harold Ross was a member of the 1926 IHS class.


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