Ilion High School - Class of 1926

Utica Daily Observer - April 18, 1926

Ilion's Honor Seniors

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The Utica Daily Observer IHS Class of 1926


Ilion's Honor Seniors

Doris Jones Reginald Gaskill

Ranking Pupils to Speak At Graduation Exercises

Ilion, April 17 - The above photos by Thompsons are Miss Doris Jones, valedictorian and Reginald Gaskill, salutatorian, of Ilion High School class of 1926.

Miss Jones, daughter of Mr. and Jrs. John G. Jones, 96 Second St., maintaining the splendid rating of 92.70. Reginald Gaskill, had a rating of 91 per cent. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. G. c. Gaskill, 43 North Third Avenue. Both honor students are West Hillites.

The .... based on the work of the first half of the senior year and 10 names mentioned, the first six will be commencement speakers. They include Miss Jones, Mr. Gaskill, Ethel Shepard, Bernice Mackin, Luella Raux and Clara Getterly. Following is the standing of the other eight honor students:

Ethel Shepard, 90.42; Bernice Mackin, 89.55, Luelle Raux, 89.34, Clara Fetterly, 88.58, Ralph Strong, 88.56, Mary Render, 88.46, Doris Sloan, 88.15 and Dorothy Tjeerdsma, 87.76.


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