Ilion High School - Class of 1883

Ilion Sentinel - May 7, 1942

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Ilion Sentinel IHS Academy 1883


Ilion High Alumnae Hold First Banquet

Your presence is requested at the alumni reception to be given Friday evening, June 28, at the American Order of United Workmen's hall. Supper served at the Osgood House; assessment, $1.

The above does not mean next month, but the June of 1883 and is part of the wording of the invitation to the first annual banquet of the Ilion High School Alumni Association, which was recently acquired, by philatelist Fred Wardwell.

The program included: selections by a quartet comprising Mrs. Bennett, E. Russell, O. Pelton and A. Chattaway. The fourth member was missing; president's address, Mrs. H. B. Johnson, class of '78, solo, Clara Sargean, '81; poem, Nellie Angell, '80; piano solo, Carrie Richardson; necrology, Lizette Jones, '73, music trio, Mrs. Kling, the Missess Redway and Budlong; history, A. D. Chattaway.

Seward Hakes, toastmaster, introduced the following, all of whom responded on a topic previously assigned: Alma Mater, A. B. Poland; "Our Guests," the Rev. Dr. Dunham; Ladies, F. B. Shepherd. '82; married graduates, Miss W. P. Lewis, '76; teachers, Hattle E. Russell, '76; law, Fred Bennett, '76; medicine, Frank Palmer; ministry. Rev. H. B. Johnson; Class of '83, W. W. Plumb, '83; music solo, Gilbert Pelton.


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