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2024 April

Former Ilion Superintendent, Gary Tutty, authored two novels.

2024 January

This is a great start for 1980 graduate, Michael Cunningham. PDF File of this web page for printing and download

2023 December

This is a sad holiday season. Remington has been a central icon to the school and a vital business for the village of Ilion. Sadly the company is closing its Ilion facility in March 2024. Today we reminisce on how the name Remington has permeated the school district's history. PDF File of this web page for printing and download

2023 November

The Class of 1964 honored President John Fitzgerald Kennedy by including a full page portrait of him in their yearbook. PDF File of this web page for printing and download

2023 October

The Ilion Free Public Library opened on October 27, 1893. The establishment of this beautiful institution was due to the efforts of the Ilion Alumni Association. PDF File of this web page for printing and download

2023 September

Another distinguished alumnus, who wrote about the history of Ilion, was 1941 Valedictorian, Warren E. Schultz. In 1977, Warren published "Ilion - The Town Remington Made". Today, that book is being sold on Amazon, as a used book, for more than $140. PDF File of this web page for printing and download

2023 July

As a follow-up to his first book about our community's storied past, Joe Collea has just published a second book on the same topic. Titled Our Town-Ilion, New York: A Selective Look at 300 Years of History Volume II, this edition is not intended as a sequel but rather instead a further look at the people, places, and events that were a part of the village’s long, unique, and fascinating story which has spanned almost three centuries. PDF File of this web page for printing and download

2023 April

While reviewing "Memoirs of the Union School", I came across an article featuring 1925 alumnus Flora Longenecker. More research uncovered her amazing accomplishment in the 1925 National Oratorical Contest. Given the awful events that occurred in this nation on January 6, 2020, this article highlights why our current high school students should read this story about The Unites States Constitution and Flora Longenecker, IHS 1925.
This quote from her speech says it all, "But what of the future? Our Constitution has been attacked in the past, and it is inevitable that it will be attacked in the future. Our danger in this respect lies not so much from without as from within --- our peril will arise from the ignorance and indifference of our own citizens. This being true then it naturally follows that our safety lies in education." PDF File of this web page for printing and download

2023 March

The month of March has traditionally been the time of year for the musical production. In 1942, David 'Rocky' Cramer was a member of the cast of "The Pirates of Penzance." Rocky Cramer met tragedy just days before the scheduled performance. The Rocky Cramer Trophy has been awarded in his memory since 1942. PDF File of this web page for printing and download

2023 February

For this month of February, Valentine's month, we celebrate all our married high school faculty and staff members. PDF File of this web page for printing and download

2023 January

You walked the towpath, from Benedict Avenue to the "Big Pool", in your youth. Here is the history of the sad tragedies that occurred in the waters connecting the towpath canal and the ponds by the high school. Troubled Waters Along the Towpath. PDF File of this web page for printing and download

2022 December

The tradition of sending Family Christmas photographs - The George Getman Family. PDF File of this web page for printing and download

2022 October

To celebrate the 25th Year Anniversary of this alumni site, I am pleased to host a PDF publication which was created by 1967 alumnus and Ilion Athletic Directory, Robert Turley. Bob created a historic compilation of Ilion football records spanning the years 1908 through 2012. PDF File of this web page for printing and download

2022 August

This month features a new book by 1965 alumnus and former principal, Joseph D. Collea Jr., the friend, teammate and classmate of 1965 alumnus, Charles 'Boots' Day. The book is titled Boots Day: A Life in Baseball. PDF File for printing and download

2022 July

The 1938 yearbook art editors were Mary Cole and Carl Hansel. PDF File for printing and download

2022 June

The 1935 yearbook art editor was Lloyd Shafer. Clarence Getman was the 1937 yearbook art editor. PDF File for printing and download

2022 May

The 1934 yearbook art editor was Christopher Lawless. It's an extra special treat to present the fact that Chris went on to be a member of the World War II Ghost Army. During this month of Memorial Day, take some time to learn about this Ilion artist's contribution to defeating Hitler. PDF File for printing and download

2022 April

The 1931 and 1932 yearbook art work was provided by two talented class artists. They were Richard Comins and Robert Eckler. PDF File for printing and download

2022 March

The 1930 Mirror's art work was provided by two talented class artists. They were Edward Christiana and Frederick Hofmann. PDF File for printing and download

2022 February

This article is the first in a series about 1930s Yearbook Art Editors. These people went on to careers that featured their artistic talents. The first person in this series is 1936 alumnus, Jack Caswell. PDF File for printing and download

2022 January

We begin the 2022 year with a new Ilion history book written by 1965 Alumnus, Joseph Daniel Collea Jr.

2021 December

This Christmas season, we gift to you fifty-three senior portraits from the IHS of 1926. This was made possible by the hard work of Mike Disotelle, Ilion Public Library. Help us find the missing seniors photos.

2021 November

Nellie Gilchrist IHS 1919 was Herkimer County's first female attorney. She also had two younger sisters; Mary IHS 1921 and Almira IHS 1922. Both sisters were Valedictorian of their respective class and both attended Cornell University. PDF File for printing and download

2021 October

1938 IHS alumnus, Ann (Suhanchak) Dowling, was instrumental in preserving Utica's Rutger Park landmarks. Just in time for Halloween, some say the mansions are haunted! PDF File for printing and download

2021 September

This month we honor the memory of IHS Class of 1973, CVA Alumni Hall of Fame Inductee and retired Commander United State Navy, Roland Yardley. PDF File for printing and download

2021 July

The Class of 1923 is one of the missing yearbooks in the Ilion Library Collection. However, the library has provided a copy of this IHS Class of 1923 Composite photograph and it contains the names of the individuals. An enlargement image of each student is also available. PDF File for printing and download

2021 May

Since 1906, many have passed this local treasure without knowing much about its background. It has been the highlight of many a Memorial Day parade. This month, you will learn that this monument was designed and constructed by Ilion's own, Alexander Jarvis, great-grandfather of astronaut Gregory B. Jarvis and father of the Ilion Alumni Jarvis siblings. PDF File for printing and download

2021 April

Great news for Ilion alumni! All Ilion yearbooks, that were housed in the Ilion Public Library, have been digitized and indexed! Check out the tutorial on how to use the Ilion Public Library's Yearbooks collection on the New York State Heritage Digital collections web site. Now you can see and download any page, from any of the yearbooks, that were digitized. You can also search the collection.

2020 November

There's no better time than now (during a pandemic and at the beginning of flu season) to honor Ilion Alumni Pharmacists.

2020 September

This month we honor the memory of 1958 Ilion alumnus, village pharmacist and School Board President, Warren T. Lennox. PDF File for printing and download

2020 June - July

June is strawberry season and a perfect time to highlight this alumni family. It also the month when we celebrate Father's Day. The Dotys passed on the family business from father to son, generation after generation, as it morphed from strawberries, to a dairy farm and to a golf course. Back in 1909, they were known state-wide for their strawberry farm in the same location as the golf course. PDF File for printing and download

2020 May

It was a cliffhanger in June of 1907. Would there be a graduation ceremony during the diphtheria outbreak in Ilion. This month's feature is about another disease that disrupted village life like this year's Covid-19 pandemic. PDF File for printing and download

2020 April

Posing for the Thompson Studio Class graduation portrait meant dressing in one's finest. This was a tradition for many years. Fortunately, Ilion alumni can now see a wonderful restoration of the Class of 1910 studio photograph, courtesy of the Ainslie family and Stephen M. Hanrahan. This month's story also affords the opportunity to announce a new feature for the site. PDF File for printing and download

2020 January

Mike Disotelle has worked in the Ilion Public Library History Room for many years. He has assisted in providing information and photographs for stories written for our alumni web site. Mike has hit a grand slam for Ilion alumni. All of the Ilion Public Library collection of IHS yearbooks, advertisements and all, have been digitized. This month's feature is about Mike Disotelle - IHS 1989 Graduate and his efforts to preserve our alumni history. PDF File for printing and download

2019 November

Elsie (Whitney) Edsall, the only child of Frank Cole Whitney, was quite the character herself. She was an accomplished artist and gardener. She was a former Ilion High Home Economics teacher. You probably have been exposed to her legacy without even knowing it. Her non-stop lawsuits against the Village of Ilion and School District might catch your interest too. This month's feature is about Elsie (Whitney) Edsall - IHS 1914 Graduate. PDF File for printing and download

2019 September

As kids, we alway referred to him as "Old Man Whitney" and we knew little about about him, except that he was very, very rich. So this month, dig in and learn all about the legacy of "Old Man Whitney" - Ilion 1891 alumnus, Frank Cole Whitney. PDF File for printing and download

2019 July

The Lever Cup has been presented to a male student/athlete for 95 years. Now you can see it up close.

2019 June

Harold 'Boots' Lever was the man behind The Lever Cup. Boots Lever is the featured person for June 2019. For 95 years, The Lever Cup has been awarded to one male senior athlete. This article features the life and great athleticism of Ilion's Harold 'Boots' Lever. PDF File for printing and download

2019 March

Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony - 2019 - PDF File for printing and download

2018 October - Part II

Rubye (Horton) Bemis became the wife of legendary Ilion football coach, Ralph 'Joe' Bemis. She was also a well-regarded Ilion High coach. Rubye's history is Part II of the October 2018 story. - PDF File for printing and download

2018 October

Coach Bemis - The history of legendary Ilion football coach, Ralph 'Joe' Bemis is the featured story for fall 2018. - PDF File for printing and download

2018 July

The mystery has been solved. Find out why people called history teacher, Miss Ruth Gordon, 'Goosie Gordon' in this month's featured story. - PDF File for printing and download

2018 April

Since 1952, two awards have been presented to graduating seniors in honor of IHS Class of 1953 member, Priscilla Burnham. This month's cover story features the story of Priscilla Burnham. It also includes a brief history of the high school Industrial Arts Program because her father, Lamont Burnham, was the Industrial Arts Supervisor. - PDF File for printing and download

2018 March

Influenza epidemics are not the only health issues facing school districts. This month we pay tribute to all the health professionals who served the Ilion Central School District. - PDF File for printing and download

2018 February

The flu epidemic this year has been particularly hard on children. One hundred years ago, Ilion and the rest of the country were ravaged by the Spanish Influenza. Young adults, stricken by the 1918 flu epidemic, often died. This month we commemorate those alumni and staff who were victims and warriors against the 1918 Spanish Influenza. - PDF File for printing and download

2018 January

Ilion's first and last high school principals were woman. The last Ilion Principal was Renee Rudd. Her biography has been added to the Administrators section. - PDF File for printing and download

2017 November - December

Ilion Alumni Web Site - Celebrating the 20th Year Anniversary. - PDF File for printing and download

2017 July

Ilion Days Weekend - It's like an annual megareunion. - PDF File for printing and download

2017 June

This June 6 we commemorate the D-Day heroics of 1936 graduate, Kenneth Bleau. - PDF File for printing and download

2017 April - May

Do you ever wonder what happened to the portraits of Administrators that were on display in the hallway to the Burton T. Seymour Auditorium? They are on display in the Superintendent's Conference Room at the CVA high school. - PDF File for printing and download

2017 March

For over 50 years, students have been performing large-scale musical productions held in the Burton T. Seymour Auditorium. The auditorium was dedicated in memory of Ilion alumnus and fireman, Burton Seymour, in 1967. The first musical performed in the theater, was "Carousel", held 50 years ago in March 1967. Find out why this show was so emotional and touched the community like no other show. - PDF File for printing and download

2017 February

Fifty years ago today, my dad, Dr. Theodore Carney died. He was only 47 years old. He left his wife, Margaret, and nine children. This web site was launched in his memory almost 20 years ago. - PDF File for printing and download

2017 January

It might be a bit premature to think about buying Christmas cards but it's always the right time to laud those artists who create them. IHS 1946 alumnus, Robert 'Bob' VanSteinburg, has been delighting all with his artistic works, including greeting cards, for over 70 years! - PDF File for printing and download

2016 December

During this holiday season, many of us make a visit to the see Christmas productions, at the beautiful Stanley Theater. Learn how this was made possible due to this amazing woman - IHS 1930 Pearle Singer Nathan; a highly talented, petite Jewish girl whose hometown was Ilion, NY. - PDF File for printing and download

2016 November

Here is a special Veterans Day Salute to female veterans and one of Ilion's finest, Mary Erin (O'Connor) Blair IHS 1969.

2016 October

The image of Eliphalet Remington II was the basis for the Ilion Central School District official school seal since 1964. Would you like to be part of the effort to "Bring Eliphalet Home"? Learn about the 1916 Remington Centennial Trophy in the October 2016 cover story - Celebrating 200 Years of Remington arms in Ilion, NY!

2016 May

This cover story was written in honor of Memorial Day and chronicles one Ilion family's World War II saga.

2016 March - April

Visit the March - April 2016 cover story to learn why my first nomination for the Ilion Alumni Hall of Fame is Ilion Typewriter Tycoon, C. W. Seamans, the force behind the Remington Typewriter Company. This 200th year of the founding of Remington is a perfect time to recognize the other impact of the company on our nation's history. No graduate comes close to the effect that this man had world-wide. My nomination for the first inductee to the Ilion Alumni Hall of Fame is Clarence Walker Seamans. PDF File for printing and download

2016 January

Bomber History is Back! The Central Valley School District has begun to restore the display of Ilion High School History within the halls of the former Ilion High School.

2015 November

Athletic, intelligent, civic-minded, born-leader and industrious are all terms that can be used to describe Athletic Director, Coach, Teacher and Superintendent Mr. Constantine 'Gus' Panarites. The November 2015 cover story illustrates how FEARLESS crime-stopper can be added to the list.

2015 October

The 2015 October Cover story features how a group of Ilion alumni are working with the Village of Ilion in advance of the 2016 Remington Bicentennial Celebration. Join the efforts of the Ilion Citizens Codes Committee to clean up Ilion for this great celebration!

2015 Aug - Sept

The 2015 Aug - Sept Alumni Cover story tells the remarkable story about a lost class ring being returned 43 years later.

2015 June and July

The 2015 June Alumni Cover story honors the memory of Harold Whittemore IHS Class of 1934; newspaper reporter, editor and publisher of The Ilion Sentinel Newspaper. Because of the writings of Mr. Whittemore, I have been able to learn more about my own father. My dad, Dr. Theodore Carney IHS 1936, died when I was very young.

2015 May

A World War I Plaque hangs at the entrance to Central Valley Academy dedicated to Ilion alumni and teachers who served in World War I. This Memorial Day we honor those who served in World War I by listing the names of Ilion soldiers and citizens.

2015 April

How many local schools can claim they were included in a 2011 Pulitzer Prize nominated novel?
Ilion can because as the main character Hector Brennan remembers, in the critically acclaimed novel, The Surrendered, "History is made by what is made in Ilion". This month's cover story includes novels that featured Ilion graduates both imaginary and real.

2015 March

Who was on "Red Cloud" crew?
That was the question posed for the Ilion Sentinel, January 25, 1950, newspaper photograph. The answer to that question revealed some pretty amazing Ilion alumni daredevils and 'scions' of Ilion. Find out the answer in this month's feature story.

2015 February

Loretta O. Douglas - Principal Ilion High School.
She began at Ilion in 1892 and was appointed Principal in 1909.

2015 January

Mr. Sammon came to Ilion High School in 1957.
At Ilion, he began as a citizenship education teacher and football line coach and then later became vice principal and finally principal.

2014 December

All I Want For Christmas
Twelve Ilion graduates pursued careers as dentists. Check out this salute to Ilion Dentists.

2014 November

Veterans Day Tribute
In 1943, Mr. Swarthout directed the Class of 1943 senior play, 'Mrs. Miniver,' based on the movie by the same name. Soon after the play, Bruce Daily, Fred Goldner, 'Ray' Steele, David Jones and Hiram Skinner left school to answer Uncle Sam's call.

2014 October

"Liliputians" in Fairyland or Cruise ot the Polar Star
This operetta was a very popular production in the early 1900s. It was performed, in Ilion, under the auspices of the Ave Maria Church. Many Ilion graduates starred in this extravaganza.

2014 September

The Morgan Street School Bell
This bell was restored by the Class of 1989 and presented as the class gift. It is now known as The Victory Bell and was rung by celebrating winning Ilion teams.

2014 August

Carl Bleau Class of 1932
Tribute to Carl Bleau - Celebrates 100th Birthday.

2014 July

Dr. James S. Anderson '36
Tribute to Ilion's Distinguished Alumnus.

2014 June

Janet Kirkland '57 - The Village of Ilion's First Female Trustee.

2014 May

Tribute to Principal John Guy Prindle.

2014 Feb - April

Tribute to Superintendent Earl P. Watkin.

2013 December

Randy Steel IHS 1974 Memorial.

2013 November

Tribute to Veteran Paul T. McLaughlin IHS 1941.

2013 October

Honoring Robert McCann IHS '74 - Ilion's Last Athletic Director.

2013 September

Carole McLaughlin IHS 1941 Memorial

2013 July and August

This month welcomed The Class of 2013 - The last graduating class from Ilion High School.

2013 June

This month is the last for the Ilion Central School District.

2013 May

This month featured The Class of 1949 Senior Portraits which were uniform in style, head and shoulder portraits.

2013 April

Last of the Golden Bombers, Last of the Mohicans. The Ilion - Mohawk Centralized District Merger vote, held on Feb 12, 2013, passed.

2013 March

Find out more about the IHS Class Ring Tradition.

2013 February

The IHS seal image was created as a 93x106 tile Photo Mosaic composed of 76 Yearbook Mirror Covers.

2013 January

The 1947 Basketball Team members were coached by Mr. Bart Shelley.

2012 December

The tradition of sending Family Christmas photographs - The Jack and Jane Carter Family. This page also features a link to photographs of the grandchildren of Dr. Theodore and Margaret Carney by Monk Manion's grand-daughter, Kate Manion Bugeya. Kate is the daughter of Bob and Nancy (Carter) Manion and her photographs are beautiful.

2012 November

This month, in honor of Veteran's Day, we feature a World War II tribute, THE SONS OF SWARTHOUT-IN-SERVICE. Coach Swarthout's wrote poems in honor of his Ilion Baseball players who were serving during World War II.

2012 October

Halloween greetings for the merger vote - Herkimer, Ilion and Mohawk school districts.

2012 September

The merger straw vote for a 4 way merger - Herkimer, Ilion and Mohawk school districts was held in September.

2012 August

For those Ilion graduates, who started their education at Annunciation School, please share your stories so that the spirit of Mercy will live on in the next generation.

2012 July

Congratulations and welcome to the Class of 2012.

2012 June

See the Class Composite Photograph recently provided by the son of Ruth Reed (Patterson) Gleichman. It is an amazingly, beautiful composite image of all the Ilion High School Class of 1924 graduates.

2012 May

Participants for the 2012 Mott Marathon ran the 26.2 mile marathon in honor of Kayleigh Coupe IHS 2010. Support "Run to Cure Kayleigh/Mott Marathon Challenge".

2012 April

Easter Greetings from The Easter Bunny.

2012 March

March brings us another year of School Musical Productions. This year it was 'Into The Woods'.

2012 February

The Class of 1936 yearbook portraits have been added to the site. These yearbook pages include the full captions for each class member.

2012 January

100 years ago Ilion graduate, William Giblin, was rescued from the famous 1912 Equitable Insurance Company building fire in NYC.

2011 December

The tradition of sending Family Christmas photographs - The Dr. Arthur (IHS 1936) and Betty Applegate Family - Steve, Mary and Bob Applegate.

2011 November

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011 featured the first Alumni Basketball Game!

2011 October

Coming in November, the 1st Annual Ilion Alumni Basketball Game.

2011 September

Remembering Guidance Counselor Mr. James Wallace.

2011 August

Create fun alumni centric word images using

2011 July

Remembering Faculty Member Miss Mary Byrne.

2011 June

Welcome to the Class of 2011.

2011 May

100 Years ago these young men and women graduated from Ilion High School.

2011 April

Invitation to the Royal Wedding.

2011 February - March

Ilion Jr.-Sr. High School Presents their Spring Musical - Barnum..The Circus Musical.

2011 January

The 35th annual Leo J. Sammon Wrestling Tournament cover story features the teams participating in the 2011 year tournament, as well as links to information on Ilion's former sectional champions from

2010 November - December

Vincent Durant IHS 1956 Memorial

2010 October

Homecoming Montage, from 1976, featuring Donn Reile and Shelly Snyder

2010 September

Homecoming Weekend 2010 plans

2010 July - August

Congratulations to the Class of 2010

2010 May - June

For the first time in many years, the 2010 Junior Prom will be held at the high school.

2010 April

A combined class reunion was planned to be held during Ilion Days - July 17 2010.

2010 March

The 2nd annual faculty-staff basketball tournament took place Friday March 5, at 6 pm, in the Ilion High School gymnasium.

2010 January - February

The Ilion Music Department presented 'The Wizard of Oz' in 2009

2009 December

South Fifth Avenue Pillars. Can you guess the graduate appearing in the photo?

2009 October-November

1972 Homecoming Bonfire

2009 August-September

1972 Ilion Football Coaching Staff

2009 June-July

The cover of the 2009 Mirror was designed by senior, Adam Day

2009 May

Interior Mother's Restaurant - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

2009 March-April

Faculty Games

2009 January-February

The Ilion Music Department presented the classic tale, "The Wizard of Oz" because there's no place like home.

2008 December

The tradition of sending Family Christmas photographs - The Dr. Donald and Shirley Davidson Family.

2008 November

Members of the Class of 1967 Campaign for 1966 NYS Governor Rockefeller-Wilson Ticket

2008 September - October

Ilion Fall Sports schedules and scores were featured with IHS Cheerleader Mary Ann Bonvino IHS 1970

2008 July-August

Welcome to the Class of 2008!.

2008 June

The 2008 Senior Class of Ilion High School announces its Commencement Exercises.

2008 April - May

The Ilion High School Class of 1908 photograph, with names, was featured on the cover.

2008 March

Charles Comstock Brill IHS Valedictorian 1881. The Marion Brill Scholarships were endowed by Marion Brill Terpening who was the daughter of Charles Brill.

2008 February

The 2007 musical, "Beauty and The Beast", was featured on the cover.

2008 January

Saturday, January 5, 2008 was the 33rd Annual Leo J. Sammon Wrestling Tournament.

2007 December

Wedding photograph of Dr. Theodore Carney IHS 1936 in a Christmas ornament.

2007 November

The Music Boosters annual Spaghetti Dinner will be held Friday, Nov. 9 2007.

2007 October

Jody Tanner Karla - Homecoming Queen 1994 was featured to highlight homecoming traditions.

2007 September

The 1974 Varsity Golf Team photograph was featured to introduce the 1st annual Todd G. Wheelock Memorial Golf Tournament.

2007 August

David Peter Whalen, IHS Class of 1974, will be dearly missed by all who were lucky enough to have known him. He was employed with the Ilion Central School District in the security division. He was the supervisor of the Ilion Community Park.

2007 July

Welcome to the Class of 2007.

2007 May - June

The Class of 1972 Freshman Class Officers helped highlight upcoming school elections.

2007 March - April

The 2006 musical, "Goodnews", was featured on the cover.

2007 January - February

The 2005 musical, "The King and I", was featured on the cover.

2006 December

Bomber Philanthropist - Former Mayor John Gilmartin - Class of 1943 and other Bomber Mayors!

2006 November

This is the second in a series honoring Bomber Philanthropist. This month we honor Frank 'Soupie' Campbell, Class of 1935. Mr. Campbell and his wife donated $1 million to Clarkson University.

2006 October

This is the first in a series honoring Bomber Philanthropist. This month we honor Robert Humphrey, Class of 1927!

2006 July - September

Welcome to the Class of 2006!

2006 March - June

The 2005 musical, "The King and I", was featured on the cover. Also featured was the CBS Evening news story of March 14, 2006 segment entitled, "Mixing Oil and Water." Class of 1971 Alumnus, Stuart Strife, Director Of Exploration for the Anadarko Petroleum Company was interviewed for the segment.

2006 January - February

Wouldn't you rather have a Buick? By 1919, Ilion 1891 Alumnus, Harry H. Bassett, was Vice-President of Buick. The Roaring Twenties were also featured this month.

2005 December

Members of the Class of 2002 (Alana Braren, Matt 'Santa' Skinner and Mary Sweeney) assisted at the 2001 Student Council - Annual Christmas Party for Faculty Children

2005 October - November

Halloween Greeting - Legend has it that IHS Alumnus, Dr. Jennie Richardson, Class of 1878, is the friendly spirit who roams the halls of the Richardson/Shepherd Mansion on Main Street.

2005 September

In the fall 1985, the Golden Bombers won the school's, first ever, Section III Football Championship!.

2005 August

Welcome to the Class of 2005.

2005 June - July

This June we celebrate The Class of 1905 which graduated 100 years ago. The featured 1905 class portrait is from the Dr. Theodore Carney family photograph collection.

2005 April - May

The McLaughlins provided all the Senior images from the 1938 Mirror.

2005 March

Philip Boyd and Beth Lytwynec starred in the 2004 school musical 'Annie Get Your Gun'.

2005 February

Congratulations to Paul and Carol (Baxter) McLaughlin (Class of '41)who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Sept. 11, 2004at their home in Houston, TX.

2005 January

January 31, 2005 begins 'Spirit Week' for Winter Homecoming 2005. Here is the Class of 2004 Snow Sculpture from Winter Weekend 2003.

2004 December

Many thanks to Paul McLaughlin, Class of 1941, for providing all the Senior images from the 1942 Mirror.

2004 November

Here is an Election Day reminder to VOTE from the Class of 1967.

2004 October

Halloween Greeting.

2004 August - September

Architect Albert W. Fuller (1854-1934) designed the 1916 High School Building.

2004 June - July

Welcome to the Class of 2004.

2004 March - April - May

For St. Patrick's Day, here is the story of one lucky Ilion Irishman. The amazing rescue of Ilionite William Giblin, during a famous 1912 NYC fire, was the featured cover story.

2004 February

The 2003 Ilion High School Musical Production was 'Les Miserables'. Leigh (Daly) Lytwynec IHS 1976 generously provided permission to republish her photographs from the hugely successful 2003 production.

2004 January

This year's Ilion High School Musical Production is 'Annie Get Your Gun' - March 4, 5, and 6, 2004.

2003 December

1904 - Home of Mrs. Mary Hunt (now residence of Dr. & Mrs Arthur Applegate, IHS '36). Hunt's field on Elm Street was once used for IHS football practice and was named after the Hunt family.

2003 October - November

You never know what Ilion High School memorabilia you might find for sale on ebay.

2003 September

A dance was held at West Hill School to raise funds for a memorial stone in honor of deceased alumni, faculty and staff.

2003 July - August

Welcome to the Class of 2003.

2003 June

The Ilion Reunion Jamfest Committee, chaired by Dick Bly IHS 1967, has organized a FREE Reunion JAMFEST 2003 as part of the Ilion Days Celebration Weekend.

2003 May

Ilion Alumni Mega Reunion Donation to the Ilion Veterans Memorial Auditorim Restoration Project in the Ilion Municipal Building. The renovation of the Ilion Municipal Building - Veterans' Memorial Auditorium was a project undertaken under Mayor John Gilmartin.

2003 April

The Salvation Army honored Jim Garnsey, IHS Class of 1949, at their 11th Annual Civic Dinner. In commemoration of Jim's teen years growing up in Ilion, the 1940s version of The Flatiron Building, on Otsego Street, was featured.

2003 March

The Ilion Reunion Jamfest Committee, chaired by Dick Bly '67, organized a FREE Reunion Jamfest as part of the Ilion Days Celebration Weekend. The Boss V and the Stevie Rigo Band provided entertainment throughout the weekend.

2003 February

The newly constructed gymnasium opened February 1, 2003.

2003 January

The Ilion High Production of 'The Music Man', in March of 2001, was the feature story.

2002 December

"I'll Be Home for Christmas" or "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". Take your pick. Ilion is SNOWBOUND on Christmas Day 2002.

2002 September - November

Members of the Class of 1972 as they participated in the annual 'Government Day' sponsored by the Ilion Elks Club. The Class of 1972 had the highest attendee count for the The Ilion Alumni All-Classes/Sesquicentennial Mega-Reunion held Columbus Day weekend October 2002

2002 August

Alumni opened the Mega Reunion Headquarters for the The Ilion Alumni All-Classes/Sesquicentennial Mega-Reunion planned for Columbus Day weekend October 2002

2002 July

1971 Key Club Members Steve Bereza, Bill O'Brien, and Tim Parkinson were featured for the Mega Reunion Poster

2002 June

The 1935 Golden Bombers finished the season with a 9-0 record and outscored opponents 202-20. The Bombers will host the Homecoming football game during the Mega Reunion weekend.

2002 April - May

The Boss V, very first promo picture taken October 1965 introduced the Mega Reunion Alumni All Star Jamfest plans.

2002 March

1965 Ilion JV Basketball Cheerleaders introduced Cheering Fashions Through the Years. Plans for the 2002 Mega Reunion continued.

2002 February

1966 members of the Board of Education during the high school rebuilding were featured. Plans for the 2002 Mega Reunion continued.

2002 January

'Brothers of the Bush' were members of the Board of Education. Guys can enter The Sesquicentennial Beard Growing 'Brothers of the Bush' Contest. AND - Introduction to the 2002 Mega Reunion Plans

2001 December

Who Who Who? The Class of 1993, that's Who!

2001 November

This Veterans Day we honor the memory of the members of the Class of 1943 who died during World War II.

2001 October

Happy Halloween from Marshal Avenue

2001 September

God Bless America - September 12, 2001

2001 August

Hats off to past and current loyal Bomber Fans! Former IHS athletes are invited to a "Tribute to Coach Nick Pannes" on September 7, 2001

2001 July

Welcome to the Class of 2001 with a special special congratulations and thank you to the six men awarded World War II Operation Recognition - Veterans' Diplomas.

2001 June

Spring 2001 - Construction of the Math/Science Wing and new gymnasium begins.

2001 March - May

Attention Alumni Bomber Football Players!

2001 January - February

As a result of the 1963 fire, Junior and Senior High students shared, through split sessions, the facility once known as The Weber Avenue Elementary school.

2000 December

Mrs. Carol Steele and Santa at the 1994 Student Council Annual Christmas Party for children of Faculty/Staff.

2000 September

The 1910 Ilion High School Football Team.

2000 August

Miss Ruth 'Goosie' Gordon was a member of the 1928 Faculty.

2000 July

Welcome to the Class of 2000.

2000 June

Remember your Algebra Final Exam? Now you can try it again with proctor Mrs. Barb Teeter.

2000 May

For more than 100 years, members of the community have served on the District Board of Education.

2000 April

Learn about the evolution of the high school cafeteria.

2000 March

The 1998 school musical production was Cole Porter's "Anything Goes".

2000 February

Classroom technology in the 1960s was a filmstrip with an album playing.

January 2000

Happy New Year!

1999 December

John Leniek and Carol Palmer (Class of 1971) posed as Joseph and Mary during an Orpheus Christmas concert.

1999 November

It's election time at Ilion High School. Check out the Bomber Mayors.

1999 October

Homecoming Queens and the tradition of Homecoming weekend were featured this month.

1999 September

For the upcoming football season, can you guess the Bomber Football Captains?

1999 August

Check out the earliest principals and the most recent principals.

1999 July

Welcome to the IHS Class of 1999.

1999 June

One of the all-time favorite Senior Class traditions was "Paint Night".

1999 May

It's time for these 1961 students to hunker down for final exams.

Columbine Memorial

April 1999 - Columbine Memorial.

1999 April

For Easter, can you guess the Bomber Bunnies?

1999 March

See the 1929 School Band.

1999 February

A brief History of the Ilion Hospital and alumni physicians have been added to this site.

1999 January

Results of The Best 'Mirror' cover contest were announced. Alumni voted for their favorite cover.

1998 December

December 1996 - Carolyn DeJohn and Matt Wilson reign as Queen and King of the Christmas Ball - "Winter Wonderland".

1998 November

The Election season also gave alumni a chance to vote for their favorite Yearbook Cover and to revisit Student Council and Class Presidents.

1998 October

The Alumni Witch cast a spell on 62. Can you Guess The Graduate?

1998 September

Back to School with Miss Barbara Schwarz, Social Studies Teacher, in 1961

1998 August

1998 Ilion Days Parade Grand Marshal - Harold Whittemore Class of 1934.

1998 July

Guess The Graduate - Alumni who keep us safe.

1998 June

Traditions were updated to include Valedictorians & Salutatorians.

1998 May

Traditions were updated for "The Prom".

1998 April

Kristen Edwards introduces "Cheerleading Fashions Through the Years".

1998 March

Guess The McGraduate.

1998 February

Former School Physician, Dr. Mack examines Tom Pratt, Class of 1961.

1998 January

January 1997 - Queen Pam Ashley Class of 1972, with Senior escort Chris Coriale, reigned over The 1972 Winter Carnival.

1997 December

Queen Roberta Kirkland 1960 with Bob Danforth at the Christmas Ball.

1997 November

The Alumni Site is further introduced featuring the Class of 1960 Graduate and Faculty Member - Fran Coriale Brewer.

1997 October

The Alumni Site is introduced featuring the Class of 1957's 40th Reunion.


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