Ilion High School Guess The Graduate

Seen in shop corridor
Myron Bouck (Industrial Arts Teacher)

Dave Bouck
Myron Bouck
Don Bouck

Seen at West Hill School
Alonzo 'Lonnie' Fake (6th Grade Teacher)

Alonzo 'Lonnie' Fake
John Fake
John Greico

Known for 'Teen lips lie'
LLoyd Baulch (Spanish Teacher)

Walter O'Conner
Eugene Cunningham
LLoyd Baulch

These grads are labeled 'Boomerang Bombers' because they returned to teach in the Ilion Central School District.

Congratulations to Ralph Bottini '59, The Winner in our "Guess the Graduate" feature. (August 5, 2001)

72 alumni attempted to guess. Others who guessed correctly were:

CJ Steele
Terry Leon '78
JoAnn Capes Richards '70
Sherri Raymond Sales '82
Mary Applegate Boyd '75
Elaine Retzloff Mabry '90
Bugs Moran '81
Harry Staley '47
Jim Garnsey '49
Gail Smith Krueger '75
Debbie Smithson Wright '73
Jodi Waderbury Flo '80
Kathy Carney Donahue '66
Matt Bouck '77
Greg Day '75
Kelly Vivyan '79
Donald Vivacqua '82



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