Ilion High School Guess The Graduate

Mother A
Sharon Yardley Richards
Class of 1972

Mother B
JoAnn Capes Richards
Class of 1970

Mother C
Kathleen Carney Donahue
Class of 1966

I, Jessica Richards, graduated in 1994.
My mom is this contest's number one fan!
My mom is Mother B.

I, Kelly Richards, graduated in 1997.
Can you distinguish my mom - Mother A,
from my aunt, Mother B?

I, Katherine Donahue, graduated in 1998.
My mom, Mother C,
gave up basket weaving to teach math at IHS.


In honor of Mother's Day, we feature Bomber Mothers and Daughters!
If you are featured on this page, you are ineligible for this month's competition ;-)

Congratulations to Carol Steele, the Winner in our "Guess the Graduate" feature. (It pays to live on the West Coast when you're playing Guess the Graduate - Updated May 1, 2000)

87 alumni guessed. Others who answered correctly, in order of appearance, were:

Jim Richards '70
Donna Urtz '80
Mary Coffin Day '82
Rudy Gadziala '93
Joe White '66
Donna Raymond Subia '77
Joe Maneen '96
Tina Johnson '77
Jolene Kinville Day '87
Douglas Moreau '86
Lori Loomis Salvagni '80
Erin Bullis '97
Anne Paestella Clive '68
Bill Fischer '66
Greg Day'75
Michelle Kinville Koury '76
Dan Lewis
Mary Fitzer Morse '70
Ron Clive '70
Mary Duffy Earl '74
Lynne Yardley McGraw '82
Melissa Dickenson Cook '84
Sandy Morton Walls '75
Elaine Retzloff Mabry '90
Mary Richards Hoy '71
Nancy Fusco Miles
Lyn Manion Cipriano
Nancy Thompson Long '75
Tom Bentley '68
Larry Laymon '77
Jean Keddell Maneen '65
Ivan Goldberg '77
Cathy Willoughby Strzelewicz '78
Matthew Brown '83
Ryan Day '97
Kelly Vivyan '79
Anna Lane '78
Patrick Brien '96
Matt Bouck '77
Kathy O'Connor '74
Mary Sweeney
Jodi Ganey '93
Melissa Keddell '94
MIchele Gadziala Luke '89
Sam Maneen
Pattie Vayo '86
Stacy Fitzgerald '93
Justin Smithson '99
Ron Hart '83
Tracy Smith Hyer
Gail Bechard Mount '70
Cheryl March Darling '82
Tom Bradle '70
Brian Gregg '96
Kelly Fischer '98
Don Vivaqua
Bob Harrod '96


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