James Edward and Helen (Ducette) Carney

James Edward Carney was a member of the Ilion High School Class of 1905


James Edward Carney Obituary

Brother of Miss Carney Dies in Ilion

J. Edward Carney, 71, the brother of Miss Mary T. Carney of 14 Eagle street, died suddenly Saturday at a hospital in Ilion.

Mr. Carney, who resided at 22 West River street in Ilion, was a life-time resident of that city. He is also survived by a son, Dr. Theodore Carney of Ilion.

Funeral services will be held tomorrow at the Ilion residence, followed by a solmen requiem mass at 9:30 in the Church of the Annunciation, Ilion.

Schenectady Gazette - Feb 25, 1957


Children of Ed and Helen

Theodore Robert Carney MD

Other Family Members of James Edward and Helen (Ducette) Carney

James Edward Carney

Born - January 27, 1886 (Ilion, NY)
Died - February 23, 1957 (Ilion, NY)

Father - Patrick J. Carney II
Mother - Margaret Loftus

Father's Father - Patrick J. Carney I
Father's Mother - Bridget McDonough
Brother - Joseph W. Carney
Brother - Thomas F. Carney
Sister - Anne E. Carney (born 1890)
Sister - Mary T. Carney
Sister - Margaret Carney Kennedy

Helen M. (Ducette) Carney

Born - February 8, 1884 (Perth, Canada)
Died - September 8, 1957 (Ilion, NY)

Father - William DuCette
Mother - Aurelia LaQuee

Father's Father - William DuCette Sr.
Father's Mother -       O'Sullivan
Brother - Leo DuCette
Brother - Milton DuCette (died 1950)
Brother - William DuCette (died 1922)
Sister - Georgina DuCette May
                (born September 22, 1886
                Died February 19, 1986)

Carney Family


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