Annunciation Parish Rectory

Ilion, New York

By direction of Bishop Thomas Burke of Albany, a new parochial site was purchased, November 5, 1903 of Ida M. Pettee on West Street, Ilion, N. Y. for $3,400. The dimensions of the lot were 72' front and rear.

The contract for the building of the rectory was awarded to Walsh Brothers of Babcock Hill. The contract was for $7,994. The plans called for a three-story structure, colonial in design, to be built of red brick with trimmings of Indiana limestone. The plans were drawn up by Kinne & Brady, architects of Herkimer, NY.

Annunciation Parish Rectory - Ilion, NY

A large porch extends across and around the sides of the building. Large doors form the entrance and open into a dignified reception hall from which a staircase of quartered oak leads to the third floor.

On the left of the reception hall were two large parlors in the rear of which is still an office, which at one time was entered by a door on the north side of the building. In the rear of the reception room is a dining room adjoining which, in the early years, was a conservatory. The kitchen is in the rear of the main floor.

On the second floor, front, is the pastor's study. There is also a suite of guestrooms. The housekeeper's quarters form a separate compartment on the second floor.

There are two suites of rooms for priests on the third floor. Also, there is a guestroom and a bathroom.

Work on the rectory began May 1, 1904. There have been some modifications of the original structure, but it remains essentially the same.

A new porch has been added to the back of the Rectory. The History office has been renovated, the guestrooms have been painted, and the exterior has been repainted. Thus ends the first one hundred years of Annunciation Parish.

Reproduced from Parish Booklet - Annunciation Parish 1868 - 1968 with the permission of Father Joseph Benitende

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