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Reorganized Class Roster ....

Class Roster, as published in the newspaper article listed below, listed as 1919 Class Roster page. (added March 11, 2022).


Class Roster....

History of the Union Free School

Class Roster 1919 published in the Alumni book "History of the Union School", which was published in 1925. The book contained the names and address of each alumnus, as of 1925. The names appearing in that publication do not accurately reflect the actual class members. For the complete class roster, refer to the names appearing in the below article. (modified January 30, 2015)


Class Historical Newspaper Articles....

     Newspaper articles about the IHS Class of 1919 (added January 27, 2021)


Graduation Ceremony Tuesday, June 24, 1919....

Ilion Citizen 1919 - God Speed Class of '19
God Speed Class of '19

The Ilion Citizen newspaper featured school district, administrators and the Class of 1919 on its front page story.
The newspaper Headline was God Speed Class of '19 published June 26, 1919. Source - (Added January 31, 2015)


Nellie Gilchrist ....

     Nellie Gilchrist Darling IHS Class of 1919 and her sisters, Mary Alice and Almira Gilchrist, were featured for the November 2021 Cover Story. (added November 4, 2021)


Class Honors

Valedictorian   Lindsay Taylor with an average of 94.3
Salutatorian     Ethel Allegra Thomas with an average of 94.1
Third                Nellie Gilchrist with and average of 92.2

The average of the class was 82.7 and the regents average was 75.7

All class members listed in the newspaper article were:

Harry Oakley Ashley
E. Dyme Bennett
Bernice Brown,
Ruth Brown,
Richard T. Byrnes
Burton Cohoon,
Beatrice Coleman
Mabel Aida Decker
Theresa May Ellis
Marjorie Ferguson
Irene Raymond Fish,
Edward Ferdinand Gerber
Nellie Gilchrist
Kenneth George Haggerty
Madeline Hoffman
Arthur Shirley Hoke
Wellington Conrad Klipple
Helen Marie Kraus,
Beatrice Liddell
Haveland Lutz
Margaret Matthews
Dorothy Pettingill
Ivan Quinlaven,
Joris Rasbach
Herbert Rhodes
Barbara Schwartz
Thomas R. Shepherd
Alfred Lindsay Taylor
Ethel Allegra Thomas
Dorothy Tjeerdsma
Everett Van DerPoel.


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