Ilion High School

1909 Class Roster

Year Grad. Last Name     Last Name      First Name     Sal. Street Number and Address           City                     ST Country Deceased  

1909 Allston             Allston        Raymond        Mr.  247 Second St.                      Ilion                    NY USA
1909 Barnes              Williams       Lulu           Mrs.                                     Plessis                  NY USA
1909 Brown               Brown          De Witt        Mr.                                      Ilion                    NY USA
1909 Brown               Woodward       Floy           Mrs.                                     Dennisons Corners        NY USA
1909 Burch               Burch          Clyde          Mr.                                      San Mateo                CA USA
1909 Burdick             Ray            Blanche        Mrs.                                     Little Falls             NY USA
1909 Byron               Byron          Carl           Mr.  66 South Fourth Ave.                Ilion                    NY USA
1909 Carney              Tracy          Gertrude       Mrs. 1566 Brinckerhoff Ave.              Utica                    NY USA
1909 Chandler            Mitchell       Laura          Mrs. 60 Elm St.                          Ilion                    NY USA
1909 Dutcher             Dutcher        Elizabeth      Miss                                                                     
1909 Fitzgerald          Fitzgerald     James          Mr.								                       
1909 Gould               Gould          Lillian        Miss 108 Railroad St.                    Ilion                    NY USA
1909 Greenfield          Russell        Grace          Mrs.                                     Rockaway                 NJ USA
1909 Hall                Hall           Estelle        Miss									
1909 Hemstead            Seymour        Eva            Mrs. 51 High St.                         Ilion                    NY USA
1909 Houghton            Sytz           Selena         Mrs.     								 yes
1909 Hutchins            Lawrence       Helen          Mrs.                                     Plainfield               NJ USA
1909 Ingalls             Ingalls        Blanche        Miss                                     Utica                    NY USA
1909 Ingersoll           Ingersoll      Wesley         Mr.  c/o Library Bureau                  New York                 NY USA
1909 Jarvis              Evans          Mae            Mrs. Route A.                            Dade City                FL USA
1909 Jenks               Jenks          Rachel         Miss                                     Albany                   NY USA
1909 Jones               Jones          Earle          Mr.                                      Chicago                  IL USA
1909 Kellner             Sands          Anna           Mrs. R.F.D                               Clay                     NY USA
1909 King                King           Fred           Mr.      							         yes
1909 Knandel             Knandel        Clyde          Mr.  Penn State College                                           PA USA
1909 Matthews            Matthews       Elizabeth      Miss 16 West St.                         Ilion                    NY USA
1909 Pratt               Pratt          Jessie         Miss 471 W. Montana St.                  Pasadena                 CA USA
1909 Quinlaven           Quinlaven      Leland         Mr.  208 Henry St.                       Herkimer                 NY USA
1909 Roberts             Roberts        Arthur         Mr.  61 Third St.                        Ilion                    NY USA
1909 Russell             Russell        Harold         Mr.                                      Douglaston               NY USA
1909 Shaul               Shaul          Ray            Mr.  c/o Manufacturers National Bank     Ilion                    NY USA
1909 Tracy               Tracy          Bernard        Mr.  1566 Brinckerhoff Ave.              Utica                    NY USA
1909 Wheelock            Wheelock       Benjamin       Mr.                                      Ilion                    NY USA
1909 Williamson          Bellington     Olive          Mrs. 67 Second Ave.                      Ilion                    NY USA

Missing from roster is Alexander Lee Jarvis, the Class President

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